Thursday, May 23, 2019
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January 2019

INTERAQUA 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

January 30 - February 1
Tokyo Big Sight, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063 Tokyo 135-0063 Japan + Google Map

Material / Module /Parts
Polymer separation membrane(RO, NF, UF, MF), Ceramic, membrane, Ion-exchanger membrane, MBR(Membrane bio reactor), Filtering medium, Adsorbent material, Microbial immobilization carrier, Water treatment chemicals, Piping components, Pump, Blower
Equipments /Instrument
Ultra pure water production system, Water purifying system, Seawater desalination system, Filtration system, MBR unit, Sludge treatment equipments, Adsorption equipment, Ozonizer/ ozone water generator, Ultraviolet sterilizer, Ultra microscopic bubble aeration equipment, Micro/ nano bubble generator, Electrolyzed water generator, Rainwater utilization system, Pipeline maintenance system, Measuring equipment, Exhaust heat recovery equipment, Wastewater recycling, Collection of valuable materials, Volume reduction system for sludge
Management System /Sersice
Operation & Management, Design-Build-Operate, Pipeline maintenance management, Water resource smart grid, Project-support solution (assessment/monitoring/protection software, etc.), Water treatment remote monitoring system, Comprehensive water and sewage charge system, Ultra pure water supply service, Groundwater utilization service, Smart metering system, LPWA networks, Data analysis services, Financial service
For water security,ensironment or disaster risk management
Filtration system on disasters, Sanitation measure equipment, Emergency power source, Emergency water inundation measure technology, Distributed treatment system, Submerged radioactive material measure equipment, Consultation services, green infrastructure

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February 2019

SMAGUA 2019 – Zaragoza, Spain

February 5 - February 7
Feria de Zaragoza, Autovia A - 2, km 311 50012 Zaragoza, España Spain + Google Map

Water extraction, piping and storing • Water and waste water treatment
and reuse • Point of use • Instruments, analysis and automation • Irrigation
• Energy environment (solar, hydroelectric, energy saving…) • Engineering
and service companies • Technical press • Other equipment.

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aqua THERM MOSCOW 2019 – Moscow, Russia

February 12 - February 15
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3, Halls 13, 14, 15, Mezhdunarodnaya 16, P.O. box 92, Krasnogorsk 143402, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow region. Krasnogorsk 143402 Russian Federation + Google Map

Heating, Automatic Control, Power Generation System, Heat Meter, Valves and Fittings, Heating Technology, Boiler and Heating Network Automation Control, Inspection Instrumentation

(This category meets the needs of a large market and is strongly promoted for this year's conference. Enjoy special deals!)
Air conditioning systems, ventilation equipment, air filters, fans, dehumidifiers, compressors, refrigeration, refrigeration equipment and related components and tools

Plumbing systems, plumbing, water treatment equipment, water filtration systems, pumps, valves, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion materials, pressure regulating equipment and instrumentation, sanitary hardware accessories, jacuzzis, pool and SPA equipment and accessories, public And private pool, sauna and spa equipment

Optoelectronics, solar energy, thermoelectricity, bioenergy, symbiotic energy, insulation, energy savings, alternative energy

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WWETT SHOW 2019 – Indiana, America

February 19 - February 23
Indiana Convention Center, 100 South Capitol Indianapolis, IN 46225 IN United States + Google Map

Septic Pumping
Onsite Installation
Portable Sanitation
Grease Handling
Sewer Cleaning
Laterals & Mainlines
TV Inspection
Pipeline Rehab/CIPP
High-Pressure Cleaning
Safety Equipment
Confined Space
Lift Station Maintenance
Computer Software
Industrial Vacuuming
Utility Location

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WaterEx World Expo 2019 – Mumbai, India

February 20 - February 23
Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE, Off, Western Express Hwy, NESCO, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063, India
Mumbai, 400063 India
+ Google Map

Water is one of the vital ingredients required in every field of life. The Chemtech WaterEx International exhibition was conceived in 2009 as a platform to discuss the various aspects of this integral industry .

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March 2019

The Water Show Africa 2019 – Johannesburg, Africa

March 12 - March 13
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, + Google Map

Turnkey Suppliers
Water Treatment Innovations
Billing and smart metering
Leak detection and control
Disposal, reuse and desalination
Financiers and legal
Process control, technology and automation
Water Equipment suppliers
Construction and maintenance
Consultant and engineers

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The 28th New Environmental Exposition 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

March 12 - March 15
Tokyo Big Sight, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063 Tokyo 135-0063 Japan + Google Map

Waste Recycling/Waste Disposal/Demolition
【1】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders 【2】Cutting, Shearing, Cable Peeling 【3】Sorting, Separation 【4】Compaction,Compression, Baling Presses 【5】Loaders 【6】Attachments 【7】Dismantling Machines 【8】Breakers 【9】Cutters 【10】Granulation,Forming Machines 【11】Crushers 【12】Hydraulic Cutters 【13】Blades 【14】Stirring, Mixers, Blenders 【15】Color/Material/Density Sorters 【16】Magnetic Separators 【17】Separators 【18】Peeling Machines 【19】Trommels 【20】Medical Waste 【21】Hazardous Waste 【22】Consulting 【23】Asbestos 【24】Gypsum Board Recycling 【25】Freon Disposal 【26】Metal Collection/Recycling 【27】Scrap Cable Recycling 【28】Construction Sludge/Soil Recycling 【29】Rare Metal Collection/Recycling 【30】Dioxin 【31】Waste Paper Recycling 【32】Hydraulic Motors 【33】Hoses, Joints, Valves, Couplers 【34】Industrial Machine Parts 【35】Industrial Waste Disposal 【 36】General Waste Disposal 【37】Recyclers 【38】Demolition Work 【39】Demolition Techniques 【40】Accident Prevention 【41】Noise/Vibration/Dust Control 【42】Working Environment Improvement 【43】Soil Remediation 【44】Demolition/Construction Recycling Systems
Soil/Atmosphere/Environmental Improvement
【1】Sludge Conveyors 【2】Sludge Soil/Contaminated Soil Processing 【3】Water, Soil and Air Purification Technologies and Devices 【4】Cleaning Agents 【5】Software 【6】Measurement, Analysis and Detection Equipment 【7】Soil Survey Related Equipment 【8】Safety and Protection Supplies 【9】Risk Management, Evaluation and Information 【10】Dust, Noise and Vibration Countermeasures 【11】Dust Collection and Exhaust Gas Treatment 【12】Vacuum Cleaners and Sweepers 【13】Deodorization Devices (agents) and Biological Products 【14】Work Safety and Protective Tools 【15】Protective Clothing 【16】Atomizers 【17】Adsorbents and Flocculation Agents 【18】Absorbents 【19】Mist cooling Systems 【20】Bag Filters 【21】Scrubbers and Washers 【22】Filters 【23】Organic Solvent Countermeasure Technologies 【24】Foundation Reinforcement 【25】Displaced Soil Recycling 【26】Bird and Beast Damage Countermeasures
Water Treatment/Water Purification
【1】Water/Sludge Treatment 【2】Chemical Agents 【3】Membranes, Filtering Technologies 【4】Ultrapure Water Equipment 【5】Water Filters 【6】Water Purifiers 【7】Seawater Desalination Technologies/Equipment 【8】Water Separators, Washers 【9】Modules 【10】Soil/Groundwater Contamination Inspection, Consulting 【11】Waste Liquid Treatment Technologies/Equipment 【12】Water Purification 【13】Plant Makers 【14】Oil Separating Systems 【15】Measuring Instruments
Biomass/Organic Waste Processing
【1】Garbage Disposal 【2】Composting Plants 【3】Fertilizer Production Plants 【4】Animal Feed Production Plants 【5】Pelletizers 【6】Microbial Materials 【7】Food Recycling 【8】Biological Resources Recycling
Environmental Software/Scales,/Measurement/Analysis
【1】Environmental Management Software 【2】Waste Management Software 【3】Information Processing 【4】Manifest Management Software 【5】Waste Measuring Systems 【6】Logistics Management Systems 【7】Environmental Search Website 【8】Position detection systems 【9】Truck scales 【10】Forklift scales 【11】Load Meters 【12】Support for Certification Acquisition 【13】Environmental Consulting/Solution 【14】Illegal Dumping Surveillance Cameras 【15】ISO Certifier/Acquisition Support 【16】Measurements and analyses related to Industrial wastes, hazardous materials and the work environment 【17】Measurements and analyses related to noise and odor regulating laws 【18】Drone
Collection/Distribution/Transportation/Safekeeping/Physical Distribution
【1】Collection/Transport Vehicles 【2】Lifts 【3】Conveyers 【4】Pallets 【5】Transfer Machines 【6】Box and Container Collection Containers, Flexible Container Bags 【7】Logistics Systems 【8】Waste Transport Systems 【9】Portable Recycling Vehicles 【10】Waste Bags 【11】Medical Waste Disposal Containers 【12】Garbage Compactors 【13】Crane Trucks 【14】Box and Container 【15】Wing Vehicles 【16】Vacuum Cars 【17】High-pressure Washing Vehicles  【18】Suction Work Vehicles 【19】Refrigerated Vehicles 【20】Road Sprinklers 【21】Stainless Steel Truck Beds 【22】Oscillating Truck Beds 【23】Fuel Efficiency Improvement Systems 【24】Additives 【25】Alternative Fuels 【26】Energy-saving Driving Systems 【27】Safe Driving and Drive Management Systems 【28】Back Monitors 【29】Drive Recorders 【30】Distribution Management Systems 【31】Car Dispatch Systems 【32】Distribution Office Software 【33】Diesel Particulate Filters 【34】Noise Reduction Systems 【35】Vibration Reduction Systems 【36】Collection/Transportation Companies 【37】Logistics Companies 【38】Vehicle washing technologies 【39】Car Insurance 【40】Car Maintenance 【41】Finance 【42】Tires
【1】Waste Heat Recovery Technologies 【2】Incineration 【3】Melting 【4】Gasification 【5】Pyrolyzers 【6】Carbonizers, Dryers, Boilers 【7】Stoves 【8】Plastic Liquidation, Plastic-to-fuels 【9】Calcination, Rotary Kilns 【10】Exhaust Gas, Burners, Nozzles 【11】Solid Fuel Production 【12】Cooling, Fume Cleaning, Flocculation and Solidification 【13】Waste Heat Recycling 【14】Exhaust Gas Disposal 【15】Waste to Energy
Civil Engineering/Construction/Disaster Countermeasure
【1】Construction Companies 【2】Dismantler 【3】Rental Companies 【4】Recycling Contractors 【5】Land Improvement Materials (Road, Water Supply and Sewerage) 【6】Civil Engineering Materials (Bridges, Rivers, Harbors) 【7】Civil Engineering Materials (General Civil Engineering, Landscaping, Greening) 【8】Construction Materials (Steel, Nonferrous Metals) 【9】Construction Materials (Cement, Ready-mixed Concrete) 【10】Construction Materials (Concrete Admixtures) 【11】Construction Materials (Aggregate, Concrete Secondary Products) 【12】Construction Materials (Adhesives, Structural Repair Technologies, Reinforcing Naterials) 【13】Building and Construction Paint 【14】Civil Engineering Technology 【15】Electrical Equipment Installation Technology 【16】Machinery Equipment Installation Technology 【17】Unmanned Construction Technology 【18】Information-Oriented Construction Technologies 【19】Construction Machinery/Tools 【20】Site Management System 【21】Pollution Prevention Related Materials 【22】Construction Design, Construction Design Products 【23】Construction Consulting 【24】NETIS Technology 【25】Disaster Waste Related Fields (Disaster Waste Removal, Collection, Recycling, Processing and Disposal) 【26】Recovery and Reconstruction Measures and Related Fields (Improved Soil, Recycled Aggregates, Decontamination, Radioactivity) 【27】Screw, Spring, Bolt, Nut 【28】Shelter Living and Related Fields 【29】First Aid, BCP and Related Fields
【1】Environmental Activities of Local Governments
【1】Bioplastic and Related Products, Biomass Plastics, Biodegradable Plastics and New Ecological Materials 【2】Waterless Printing and Ecological Printers and Materials 【3】Film and Pouches (Refill Containers, etc.), Plastic Containers (Bottles and Trays) 【4】Paper Containers and Packaging Material 【5】Molded Pulp Containers and Cushioning Materials 【6】Wooden Containers 【7】Packing Bands, Ropes and Tape 【8】Ecological Labels 【9】Ecological Pallets 【10】Ecological Sheets 【11】Cardboard Pallets 【12】Returnable Containers 【13】Waste Paper and Plastic Blended Resin and Sheet Containers 【14】Solvent-free Adhesives 【15】Plastic Corrugated Boards and Micro-flutes 【16】Triple Honeycomb Boards 【17】Environmental Hygiene Equipment and Inspection Systems 【18】Packaging Related Machines and Related Equipment 【19】Plastic Material Recycling 【20】Ecological Products 【21】Ecological Packaging Materials 【22】Organic Cotton 【23】Recycled Products 【24】Ecological Bags
Hazardous Waste Treatment
【1】PCB Waste Tredtment 【2】Wasted Mercury Treoltment 【3】Asbestos Treatment 【4】Contaminated Soil Treatment 【5】Fly ash and Bottom ash Treament 【6】Waste Oil Wasted arid, Wasted alkali Trcatment 【7】Analtsis, Inspcction, Solution 【8】Disposal, Transportation
Confidential Document/Security Measure
【1】Confidential Document Cutting 【2】Melting Treatment, Recycle 【3】Document Storage, Digitization Service 【4】Shredders 【5】Magnetic Data Erasing Devices 【6】Confidential Document Discard Box 【7】My Number Measures 【8】Security Cameras 【9】Recorders 【10】Anti-theft Equipment 【11】Antivirus 【12】Information Leakage Insurance 【13】Confidential Waste Paper/Data Collection
Affiliate Organization/Academic Organization
【1】Universities and Research Institutes 【2】Companies' PR for Environmental Activities 【3】CSR Activities 【4】Industry-academiagovernment Collaboration 【5】Embassies 【6】Overseas Environmental Exhibitions 【7】Environmental projects 【8】Environmental Education, Afforestation
N-EXPO Venture Corner

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Appliance&electronics World Expo 2019 – Shanghai, China

March 14 - March 17
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China Shanghai China + Google Map

01Prestige Home Appliances
Including prestige products from all categories below

02 Major Home Appliances
Refrigerator, freezer, ice locker, wine chiller;
Window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, mini central air conditioner, etc.
Washing machine, dryer, etc.

03 Consumer Electronics
TV, home theater, projector
Smart watch, smart band, smart glasses
Smart home, internet of things
Pad, camera, DV, PDA, video system, player, digital photo frame
DVD player, audio system, recorder
Video game, Walkman, E-dictionary, removable disks, E-book
Cell phone, telephone, interphone
Automatic mahjong machine, dance pad, X-box

04 SDA and Kitchen Appliances
Range hood, electric cooker, dish washer, sterilizer cabinet, soymilk maker, juicer, food processor, coffee maker, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, frying pan, stewpot, toaster, noodle maker, ice cream maker, vegetable & fruit washer, egg boiler, eggbeater, bean sprouting machine, oil extractor, water heater, kitchen water heater, garbage disposer, etc.
Electrical water heater, heat pump water heater, hair dryer, bathroom warmer, hand dryer, sanitary ware, ventilator, integrated ceiling, etc.
Automatic Mahjong Table, dancing pad, motion sensing game, etc.
Solar energy production: Solar water heater, solar lawn light, sola garden light, solar toy, solar energy panel, etc.

05 Environment and Health
Fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, air cleaner, oxygen anion generator, mini oxygen generator, etc.
Water dispenser, water purifier, water softener, etc.
Vacuum cleaner, sweeper, shoe polisher, ironing board, electric mosquito killer, electric iron, electric deodorizer, garbage disposal, etc.
Electric air heater, electric blanket, electric furnace, etc.
Hair dryer, electric shaver, hair dresser, electric toothbrush, etc.
Foot massaging basin, massage armchair, massager, blood pressure measurer, etc.

06 Related Services
Household appliances production equipment and green manufacturing technology; home appliances testing equipment; standards, certification services, technical advisory services
Decomposing and recycling technology of E-Wastes

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Water Philippines 2019 – Manila, Philippines

March 20 - March 22
SMX Convention Center, Seashell Lane Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila,Philippines Manila 1300 Philippines + Google Map

Water Resource Management
Municipality Water Management
Sewerage and Pollution Prevention
Wastewater Treatment and Management
Industrial Water Treatment
Ultra-Pure Water
Bottled Water Production

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Watrex – Expo 2019, International trade fair for wastewater & water treatment Technologies – Cairo, Egypt

March 20 - March 22
Egypt International Exhibition Center “EIEC”, + Google Map

Water purification, Desalination and Waste water treatment (sewage, Industrialwastewater, Sludge &Energy from waste)Machines, Equipment and tools.

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HVACR Vietnam 2019 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

March 25 - March 27
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, + Google Map

Air Filtration & Purification
Air Diffuser & Muffler
Accessories for Insulation & Insulation Materials
Air Dryers/Air Ducts/ Flexible Ducts
Air Filters/Blowers/Fans & Ventilators
Assembly Supply for Aircondition & Refrigeration
Building Automation & Control Products
Cooling Tower
Controls & Sensors
Centrifugal Fan & Axial Fan
Chillers / Evaporators &Condensers
Commercial Refrigeration
Energy Saving/ RenewableEnergy System
Environmental & FacilitiesEquipment
Fan Coil Unit
Humidifiers &Dehumidifiers
Heat Pumps
HVACR Green Product
Refrigeration Equipment &Spare Parts
Heat Plate Exchanges &Heating Equipment
Refrigeration & Airconditioning Compressors

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Wasser Berlin International – Berlin, Germany

March 26 - March 28
Berlin ExpoCenter City, Messedamm 22 14055 Berlin Germany Berlin 14055 Germany + Google Map

-Water Extraction
-Water Treatment
-Water Distribution
-Construction Services/No Dig
-Wastewater Transport
-Sewage & Wastewater Treatment
-Flood Management
-It Services
-Quality Assurance/Science/Research
-Industrial Water Use
-Energy Production
-Energy Efficiency/Measuring, Regulating & Analysis Technology

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Vietbuild Construction International Fair Exhibition Corporation 2019 – Ha Noi City, Vietnam

March 27 - March 31
National Exhibition Construction Center, 01 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem Dist, Ha Noi City Ha Noi City Viet Nam + Google Map

Construction - Building materials - Real Estate & Interior - Exterior Decoration

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IFAT Eurasia 2019 – Istanbul, Turkey

March 28 - March 30
Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), Atatürk Havalimanı Karşısı 34149 Yeşilköy, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
+ Google Map

Water Extraction and Treatment
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water Distribution and Sewers
Flood Prevention and Waterbodies Control
Waste Management and Recycling
Generating Energy from Waste Materials
Urban Environmental Cleaning Vehicles and Equipment
Soil, Air, Noise – Pollution / Control
Measuring, Control and Laboratory Technology
Accident Prevention, Work Safety and Risk Management
Science, Research, Technology Transfer

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April 2019

WATERTECH GUANGDONG 2019 – Guangzhou, China

April 1 - April 3
PWTC EXPO (Guangzhou) China, No. 1000, Xingang Dong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou P.R.China Guangzhou China + Google Map

Sludge Treatment / Dehydration / Membrane Technology / Treatment Equipment / Related Products
Ion Exchange, Electroosmosis, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Blower, Centrifuges, Filter Press, Air Compressor, Dewaterer, Sludge Disgestion, Deep Dehydration, Reuse of Sludge, Sludge Treatment, etc.

Waste Water / Sewage Treatment Equipment / Water Treatment Chemicals
Air-Flotation Equipment, Electrolysis / Aeration Equipment, Coagulant, Detector, Dispersant, Redox Reagent, Defoamer, Antiscalant, Disinfectant, Cleanser, etc.

Process Control Technology & Process Automation
Automation System, Water Meter, Metering Device,Instrumentation, Management / Control Module, Measuring Apparatus, Computer Simulation System, Process Control Equipment, etc.

Water Purification Equipment / Drinking Water Equipment
Central Water Softener, RO Water Purifier, Ultrafiltration / Nanofiltration Water Purifier, Mineral Water Purification Equipment, Water Dispenser, Direct Drinking Machine, Sand Sucker, Mud Scraper, Oil-Water Separator, Air-Flotation Equipment, Process Unit, etc.

Transport and Storage
Centrifugal Pump, Hollow Pump, Metric Pump, Sewage Valve, cut-Off Pump, Throttle, Instrument Valve, Pipe Fitting, Filter, Elbow Connector, Seals, Quick Coupler, Pipe Welding, Silo, Container, etc.

Supporting Services
Water Affairs, Water Disposal Enginnering Unit, Consulting and Design Agency, Branches, Certification / Testing Services, Education, Research, Consultation, etc.

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INAGREENTECH 2019 – Jakarta, Indonesia

April 4 - April 6
JIExpo Kemayoran, RW.10, Kota Tua, Pademangan Tim., Pademangan, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14410, Indonesia
Jakarta, 14410 Indonesia
+ Google Map

An annual gathering and market place for international manufacturers & suppliers to showcase their latest Green
Building, Eco Friendly Products & Technology, Green Energy, Green Transportation, Green ICT, Green
Manufacturing, Water & Waste Management and method to the professional audiences from across Asia and
other countries.

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IE expo China 2019 第二十届中国环博会 – Shanghai, China

April 15 - April 17
Shanghai New International Expo Center, 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China Shanghai China + Google Map

+1. Water and wastewater treatment
+2. Water transport and sewer
+3. Sponge City Technology and Products
+4. River and black odor water treatment and ecological restoration
+5. Waste/Garbage Management and Recycling
+6. Waste energy utilization
+7. Urban road cleaning and maintenance equipment
+8. Soil and groundwater remediation
+9. Industrial waste gas recovery and treatment technology equipment
+10. Industrial dust and dust treatment technology equipment
+11. Air purification and cleansing
+12. Noise reduction / sound insulation
+13. Measurement, Control and Laboratory Technology
+14. Environmental services
+15. Science, research and technology transfer

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SBW China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2019 – Beijing, China

April 17 - April 19
China International Exhibition Center, No.6, Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Beijing China + Google Map

High-end packaging drinking water:
Natural mineral water, glacier water, natural soda water, natural weak alkaline water, deep ocean water, natural mountain spring water, snow melt water, natural small molecule water, mother and baby water, tea water, low water, oxygen therapy , aerobic water, hydrogen-rich water, plant water, medical mineral water, etc.

Hydrogen-rich drinking water industry category:
Hydrogen-rich drinking water, hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water porcelain, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen-rich water bottle, hydrogen water rod, hydrogen absorption machine, hydrogen-rich water production equipment, packaging materials, testing mechanism, hydrogen concentration monitor, etc. product.

Functional drinking water equipment category:
Electrolyte water machine, high energy activated water machine, soda water machine, calcium ion water machine, oxygen water machine, alkaline water machine, nano electrolysis water machine, nano energy water cup, multi-function water cup, health water cup, magnetized water bottle, etc. .

High-end drinking water service categories:
Packing machinery, packaging containers, packaging design, scientific research institutions, investment units for high-quality water source projects, and high-end mineral water customization and other service providers.

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The WQA 2019 Convention & Exposition – New York, United States(America)

April 23 - April 26
Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109
Las Vegas, NY 89109 United States
+ Google Map

Networking: Engage with leaders and peer representing all aspects of the drinking water treatment industry.

Advocacy: Stay up-to-date on current policy initiatives that impact the industry.

Professional Development: Build skills and knowledge that will support you in your current role - no matter your experience level.

Stay Relevant: Discover innovations and trends and develop new strategies for success.

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The 21st Shandong International Water Expo – Shandong, China

April 25 - April 27
Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 1 Xinyu South Road, High-tech Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Shandong, China
+ Google Map

※Membrane and membrane components, filtration equipment
※Terminal water purification equipment and related accessories
※Air purifier, smoke purifier, new air unit, etc
※Pump valve, piping, instrumentation
※Sewage and sludge treatment equipment
※Water treatment agents, ultraviolet, ozone and other sterilization equipment
※Water and engineering services

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IFSE 2019 – Industrial Filtration & Separation Expo 2019

April 25 - April 26
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC) Bangkok, Thailand, + Google Map

Technology Focus: Filter Media & Fiber Technology, Filter Equipment & Accessories, Filter Production Line, Nanofiber Technology in Filtration, Filtration Automation, Membrane Technology (UF/MF/NF/RO), Testing & Monitoring Equipment & Services related to Liquid Filtration, Solid-Liquid Separation, Air Cleaning & Dust Separation, Air/Gas Filtration, Filtration in Transportation, Oil/Mist & Oil/Water Separation, Sludge Filtration, Liquid – Gas Separation, Gas-Solid Separation, Solid-Solid Separation

Industry Focus: Chemical & Petrochemical Industries; Agro-based Industries; Food & Beverage Industries; Automotive Industries; Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries; Oil & Gas Industries; Electronics & Semi Conductor Industries; Metal Processing Industries; Energy & Environment

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May 2019

Sichuan of china International Water Exposition – Chengdu, China

May 5 - May 11
Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, + Google Map

►Water purification equipment:

Central water softener, RO water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifier, central water purifier, household, commercial water purifier, kitchen water purifier, drinking water purifier, pure water machine, ceramic water purifier, ultrafiltration Water machine, nanofiltration water purifier, reverse osmosis pure water machine, small molecule water purifier, water machine, electrolyte water machine, pipeline water dispenser, water heater, IC smart card water dispenser, automatic water vending machine, quartz sand, Mineral water purification equipment, etc.

► Membrane technology, membrane processing equipment, related ancillary products:

Ion exchange, electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane shell, membrane equipment, membrane modules.

►Sewage and wastewater treatment equipment:

Industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage treatment technology and equipment; village and town sewage treatment technology and equipment; water treatment and reuse, water recycling, wastewater resource utilization technology and equipment; industrial water and urban water treatment technology and equipment; water quality analysis equipment; water Treatment of pharmaceuticals, materials and ancillary equipment; seawater desalination frontier technology and equipment.

►Water treatment agent:

Coagulant, detecting agent, dispersing agent, redox agent, ion exchanger, disinfectant, bactericide, adsorbent, dehydrating agent, water softener, antifoaming agent, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, cleaning agent.

►Filter equipment, packing:

Filters, filter elements, filter media, fillers, adsorbent materials, activated carbon, ion exchange materials.

► Process Control Technology and Automation:

Automation systems, water meters, data logging, inspection instruments, management, control modes, metering devices, computer simulation systems, process control equipment.

►Pump pipe valve, water treatment equipment:

Pumps, valves, actuators, intelligent water supply equipment, pipes, fittings, water treatment equipment (booster pump, joints, control valves, flow meters, water meters, pressure tanks, computer boards, pressure switches, regulated power transformers, housings) , filter bottles, membrane shells, elbows, tees, water distributors, faucets, sterilization.

►Sludge treatment and disposal technology equipment:

Sludge drying, dewatering, drying and other processing technology equipment; sludge resource utilization technology and equipment; sludge for landscaping and soil improvement technology; sludge sanitary landfill, incineration and comprehensive utilization technology and equipment; sludge Microbial and deodorization technologies and products in handling and disposal; sludge transport technology and equipment.

►Smart Water:

Water quality monitoring and early warning equipment, water information management system, water production operation management system, water supply and drainage pipeline system, and smart water system.


Water investment and operation, water supply and drainage management, water treatment engineering, environmental engineering technical services, regional and national pavilions, certification and consulting, engineering application examples, results display, sponge city, etc.

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May 7 - May 9
MCEC: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, GPO Box 777 MelbourneVictoria Australia 3001 Melbourne Australia + Google Map

Ozwater is Australia's international water conference and trade exhibition, and is run annually by the Australian Water Association. The Ozwater’19 Conference will feature inspirational international and national keynote speakers, numerous invited speakers, scientific and technical papers, case studies, workshops, panel and poster sessions. This will be an opportunity like no other to network and engage with industry leaders and experts from all over Australia. A major component of the event will be the comprehensive and extensive Ozwater’19 Trade Exhibition that…

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National Hardware Show 2019 – Las Vegas, America

May 7 - May 9
Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109
Las Vegas, NY 89109 United States
+ Google Map

Building Products
Farm & Ranch
Hardware & Tools
Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living
Paint & Accessories
Pet Products
Retail Service Solutions
Storage & Organization
Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ
Tiny Living

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2019 China (Xiong an) International Water Exhibition – Xiong an, China

May 10 - May 12
Xiong’an New District Xiongxian Packaging City Plaza, Xiongzhou Road, Xiongzhou Town
Xiong an, China
+ Google Map

Sewage/wastewater treatment equipment

Water pollution control, sewage treatment equipment, air flotation equipment, evaporator, crystallizer, disinfection, filtration equipment, mechanical grille, sewage equipment, compact sewage treatment equipment, aeration equipment, biochemical treatment process, water treatment agent , oil-water separation equipment, air flotation equipment, integrated sewage treatment equipment, river treatment water body ecological restoration, lake environmental treatment, island ecological restoration, municipal garden landscape water treatment, real estate landscape water treatment, black and odor water ecological management, wetland ecological restoration, River ecological restoration, water conservancy project environmental restoration, river dredging equipment and technology;

Sludge treatment equipment

Sludge dewatering equipment, mixing equipment, sewage disposal equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, filtration and sedimentation equipment, filter press, centrifuge, blower, sand suction machine, scraper, suction machine, sludge treatment and disposal, electrolytic treatment equipment , aerobic anaerobic treatment equipment, other

Membrane Technology / Membrane Processing Equipment / Related Accessories

Membrane module, membrane separation technology, equipment and services, membrane shell, membrane supporting equipment, membrane bioreactor, ultrapure water equipment, softened water equipment, filtration equipment, industrial pure water machine, water recycling, seawater desalination and utilization, high Zero discharge process of salinity wastewater, landfill leachate treatment, others;

Water purification equipment

Central water softener, RO water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifier, central water purifier, household/commercial water purifier, kitchen water purifier, drinking water purifier, pure water machine, ceramic water purifier, ultrafiltration Water machine, nanofiltration water purifier, reverse osmosis pure water machine, small molecule water purifier, water machine, electrolyte water machine, pipeline water dispenser, water heater, IC smart card water dispenser, automatic water vending machine, quartz sand, Mineral water purification equipment, etc.;

Supporting service

Smart water supply and drainage instrumentation technology and products, rainwater collection and utilization/flood control: rainwater storage tanks and accessories, rainwater overflow tanks, rainwater storage tanks, rainwater sedimentation tanks, rainwater storage tank cleaning systems, irrigation and drainage machinery, Disaster prevention and relief equipment; continuous automatic monitoring system for environmental water quality, fluid automation and automatic control: pumps, water meters, valves, pipes and fittings and tools, pipe network maintenance technology and equipment, municipal water supply and drainage systems and equipment, inspection and monitoring technology and equipment, Instrumentation and automation control; water treatment engineering units, consulting and design agencies, branches, certification/test services, education, research, consultants, Internet of Things

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